How it works

The EDCSHIFTERBOX needs to be connected between the signals from the gear selector and the EDC transmission computer of your car. The box will translate the commands from the paddle shifters to your EDC transmission.


- When operating the paddle shifters, the selector will switch from D to M mode. The paddle shifters can now be used as in a GT / RS. When the paddle shifters are longer than 10 seconds (adjustable) not being used the EDCSHIFTERBOX will automatically switch to D mode again. It is therefore NOT necessary to set the gear selector to M position to use the paddle shifters.

- The gear selector display and cluster will change automaticly from D to M mode.

- Always M function can be activated by operating the paddle shifters simultaneously.
The EDC gearbox will now remain in the M mode and will not return to the D mode. Deactivation can be done by simultaneously operating the paddle shifters again.
The D mode will then immediately become active.
The Always M function will also be disabled when restarting the vehicle.

The Paddle shifters need to be modified

Simple, the OEM EDC transmission computer of a GT or RS model is different than the other OEM EDC transmission models without the paddle shifters.
Because those EDC computers do not have the inputs for paddle shifters as the GT/RS models.

Difficult to do?
No, clip the housing of the paddle shifter open and remove the paddles from the housing.
Then you need to de-solder the SMD resistors and than bridged the two contacts.
Put everything back and than you are done!

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