for EDC paddle shifters

With Shifters

Get the sporty look and feel of GT/RS
More control
Enjoy features:
- Auto switch back from M to D
- Always in M mode
- Adjustable switch back to D function

Without shifters

Do you want paddle shifters on your EDC?
Does your steering wheel looks like this....
Do you have a non-GT/RS Renault with a EDC automatic transmission?
Do you want more control with overtaking?


Buy and install the EDCSHIFTERBOX.
Easy installation
No soldering in car!


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Based on the shipping address, the VAT/BTW and shipping rate will be calculated.


The EDCSHIFTERBOX is compatible with EDC transmissions of the following models:
Megane IV (Zen,Bose,GT-line)
Talisman ( Zen,Bose,Initiale paris)
Scenic gen 4 (Zen,Bose,Initiale paris)
Kadjar (Zen,Bose,Initiale paris)
Koleos 2 (Zen,Bose,Initiale paris)

In Action

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-Paddle shifters
-Steering covers
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The Company

Hi there!

I’m Joëll, the Dutch engineer behind the EDCSHIFTERBOX. My daytime job is as a Service/Software Engineer.


My idea was to make the paddle shifters of a Megane IV GT work on my 2017 Megane IV BOSE. However, when installing the paddle shifters, I found out that there were no connectors to connect them to.

So, the plan was to create a box that sends commands from the paddle shifters to the gear selector.

I have contacts with a local Renault Dealer to obtain the wiring diagrams from them. There was a lot of testing and trial and error in the beginning, but finally, there is the EDCSHIFTERBOX!

I know in the Renault community there were many EDC drivers who wanted the sporty paddle shifters in their Megane GT-line or Talisman but couldn’t get them to work because the wiring was missing.

I started creating an easy installation manual to connect the EDCSHIFTERBOX.

I want to make the community bigger and let more EDC drivers enjoy the paddle shifters of the GT/RS because they are GREAT and will give your car that Renault Sport look and feel.

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